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  • Lillian Rosengarten

Jews remain trapped in their identity as victims. 

It is utterly bizarre how Zionist Israel has become an incarnation of a racist, irrational Nationalism and how Palestinians suffer as victims of a cancerous monster  based on a  white supremacist concept. 

Jews were once victims  of a racist nationalist Nazi Germany that was also based on white aryan supremacy. Because of what has happened in Nazi Germany,  many Jews to this day remain identified as victims who are willing to sacrifice Palestinians for “a Jewish State.” They fail to see that Zionism is no more than a colonialist apartheid state.

I  speak as a Jew in horror of the crimes my people have perpetrated. Our story is not the story of past generations but the crimes perpetrated against Palestinians.  It is called Apartheid and segregation.  As a Jew today, I claim the right to speak out without the false label of anti-Semite.  Zionism was started as a liberation movement  which has become an ethnic, racist, nationalistic movement. The problem is this racist ideology has been confused to rid the world of anti-Semitism. I understand Zionism but I see it as a mistake, a catastrophic  racist ideology.  Israel’s zionist goal is the Judaization of Israel and to deny the existence of Palestinian people. Intellectual honesty is holding Israel responsible. Israel has succeeded to kill the 2 state solution with uncritical support from the US and the EU.  Instead there is the state of Zionist Israel. 

The EU and the US must acknowledge Palestine. We must have freedom for Palestinians so Israel can also be free. People say to me “Do you believe in one state?” I don’t discuss it any more. We have one state, Israel, an apartheid state. Our job is to say NO to apartheid and Zionism.I am not a hater of Israel but want my people to move themselves from the trap of victimhood. Therefore we must have an opening for questions and dialogue while recognizing  that remaining trapped as a victim is a part of Jewish identity that is threatened with annihilation and survival.   This is the sickness and we cannot affect changes until we understand the Jews who are stuck in  a mindset of identification as a victim. We can do this only with love and understanding while  making a distinction between Judaism and Zionism and siding with the oppressed and downtrodden. Our job is to say “NO” to apartheid and Zionism. I must add, to declare Israel an apartheid state is unbearable, but it is the truth.

As-Salaamu Alaykum


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  • Lillian Rosengarten

The Israeli Court which has often ruled against Palestinians and their interests, made waves a few weeks ago. It struck down a 2017 law passed by the far right wing Israeli Parliament that legalized the squatter settlements in the west bank on private Palestinian land. The Israeli gov't had traditionally made a distinction between settlements built on land taken by eminent domain, which were legal and those established on the farms of a Palestinian farming family, which were illegal. But the government has ratched so far to the right that it tried to legalize massive land thefts.

According to the court, the law"violates Palestinian property rights and equality" by privileging the "interests" of Israeli settlers. Up to 4000 settler homes were retroactively legalized. The nine judge panel ruled 8 to 1 that the law did not "provide sufficient weight" to the status of "Palestinians as protected residents in an area under military occupation." (YES!!)

IE, the Israeli supreme court ruled in accordance with the 1949 Geneva conventions. Alot of Israelis were furious over the ruling. The court also challenged the far right talking point that Israel is not really occupying the West Bank because it was not acquired from an established state. This talking point is wrong since it was acquired from Jordan which was the caretaker for Palestinian affairs there, and also because there is nothing in international law permitting the permanent occupation and statelessness of people just because they are stateless.

The ruling only affects 4000 of the hundreds of thousand of Israeli squatter-settlers in the Palestinian West Bank. These rulings are seen by the Netanyahu gov't as major setbacks The really big setback for Netanyahu was the ruling by the International Court of Human Rights. Alot of European individuals and companies will boycott Israel over annexation and continues war crimes. Incidentally, Europe is Israel's major trading partner.

It does not help Germany to make amends for its Nazi past to support Israeli as it inflicts harm on occupied Palestinians, but this is the ways it works.

  • Lillian Rosengarten

I invite you to read this article by Juan Cole 4/17/2020 (Informed Consent)

Bio-Terror: Zombie Israeli Squatters with Covid-19 break Quarantine, assault Palestinians at close Quarters

On Wednesday, a band of 20 Israeli squatters diagnosed with Covid-19, who had been placed in quarantine in their squatter-settlement on Palestinian land in the West Bank’s Ghor Valley, ghoulishly broke out and attacked a nearby Palestinian hamlet. They are members of the violent “Hilltop Youth” extremist group. The Israeli terrorists, operating in Palestinian territory, burned cars, stoned civilians, and attacked individuals. They beat a young Palestinian woman so badly that she had to be rushed to the emergency room in an Israeli hospital. Since she has now likely been infected, this injury may be a death sentence, since comorbidity conditions severe enough to require hospitalization would worsen her chance of surviving when she contracts the virus and it attacks her lungs. Since being in close proximity to an infected person will likely make you sick– the novel coronavirus is extremely contagious — I can only conclude that the “Hilltop Youth” squatters were actually trying to spread the virus among Palestinians. I mean, really, this is up there with white supremacists in the 19th century giving small-pox-infect blankets to Native Americans. Israeli caretaker prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has vowed to annex the Ghor Valley in the West Bank to Israel. Palestinian sources also say that Israeli authorities are interfering with Palestinian attempts to stop the spread of the disease. The Israeli military closed down a medical center in Silwan set up to combat pandemic, on the grounds that it partnered with the Palestine authority across the green line. Aside from the handful of psychopaths in the Ghor Valley, most Israelis are not trying actively to spread the virus to the Palestinians, though there are a lot of conspiracy theories to that effect. Mostly it is just the logic of Occupation. Occupied people don’t have basic rights or autonomy, and Israeli security objectives override Palestinian health efforts as at Silwan. Palestinian authorities say that a low intensity war is being waged by the illegal squatters on Palestinian civilians throughout the West Bank, as the world’s attention has turned toward the coronavirus pandemic. Also on Wednesday, militant squatters in Hebron attacked an activist center in the largely Palestinian city. 

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