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Survival and Conscience: From the Shadows of Nazi Germany to the Jewish Boat for Gaza





“...penned with the poise of an intellectual, but with the heart of a poet—unpretentious, refined, and profound. I strongly recommend this book.”


– RAMZY BAROUD, Editor, Palestine Chronicle

“...a brave and wrenching account that is also deeply necessary, as Americans seek to understand how we joined our country's interest with Israel’s.”


– PHILIP WEISS, Founder and managing editor, Mondoweiss

In 1936, Lillian Rosengarten and her family fled Nazi Germany for New York. But even there, the legacy of the Nazis brutality continued to cast a shadow over her family for many decades. In Survival and Conscience, Rosengarten describes how she faced those challenges within her own life while gaining empathy for the struggles of others, realizing that all forms of extreme nationalism and hatred must be vigorously resisted.

Like many other refugees from Nazism and survivors of the Holocaust, Rosengarten became a strong advocate of Palestinian rights. In 2010, she joined the Jewish Boat to Gaza, designed to break Israels punishing blockade of Gaza. Though the Israeli Navy obstructed their humanitarian mission, nothing can stop Lillian Rosengartens inspiring story of love, self-discovery, and activism.

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