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court of human rights

The Israeli Court which has often ruled against Palestinians and their interests, made waves a few weeks ago. It struck down a 2017 law passed by the far right wing Israeli Parliament that legalized the squatter settlements in the west bank on private Palestinian land. The Israeli gov't had traditionally made a distinction between settlements built on land taken by eminent domain, which were legal and those established on the farms of a Palestinian farming family, which were illegal. But the government has ratched so far to the right that it tried to legalize massive land thefts.

According to the court, the law"violates Palestinian property rights and equality" by privileging the "interests" of Israeli settlers. Up to 4000 settler homes were retroactively legalized. The nine judge panel ruled 8 to 1 that the law did not "provide sufficient weight" to the status of "Palestinians as protected residents in an area under military occupation." (YES!!)

IE, the Israeli supreme court ruled in accordance with the 1949 Geneva conventions. Alot of Israelis were furious over the ruling. The court also challenged the far right talking point that Israel is not really occupying the West Bank because it was not acquired from an established state. This talking point is wrong since it was acquired from Jordan which was the caretaker for Palestinian affairs there, and also because there is nothing in international law permitting the permanent occupation and statelessness of people just because they are stateless.

The ruling only affects 4000 of the hundreds of thousand of Israeli squatter-settlers in the Palestinian West Bank. These rulings are seen by the Netanyahu gov't as major setbacks The really big setback for Netanyahu was the ruling by the International Court of Human Rights. Alot of European individuals and companies will boycott Israel over annexation and continues war crimes. Incidentally, Europe is Israel's major trading partner.

It does not help Germany to make amends for its Nazi past to support Israeli as it inflicts harm on occupied Palestinians, but this is the ways it works.

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