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  • Lillian Rosengarten

Why do Americans support Israel and demonize Palestinian support?  Why does Knesset stifle freedom of expression and will punish those who contradict  the character of the Israeli state as Jewish and Democratic? Why can’t schools acknowledge the history of Jews and Arabs?  It targets freedom of expression, a basic tenet for a democracy. 

How can a US President facing impeachment and an Israeli Prime Minister indicted for corruption announce a plan to solve the conflict with the Palestinians, without any Palestinian present?

A dark day for the house of hate. Yes, we must continue to refuse to be  enemies. We refuse to be victims!

How is it that secular Zionism changed into religious Zionism after 1967?

I condemn the occupation of Palestinians and oppression. I stand with suffering. We must break the barriers against peace and silence.  I speak as a Jew, in horror of the crimes my people have perpetuated against the Palestinians. As a Jew today, I claim the right to speak out, to speak the hard truth.  Zionism was started by communists and atheists as a liberation movement. . Now it is an ethnic, racist, nationalist movement. A problem is this racist ideology has been confused to rid the world of anti-Semitism. When people  started to question zionism, some said, “this is the dark side of Jewish consciousness."

Jewish Identity is about being threatened within annihilation and survival. This is a sickness, not to recover  and hold onto  victimhood. This explains the wall of defense.

Beware of being cowered by being told to not dissent or being called an anti-Semite.

A sign in Hebron says, “ there is no Palestine and there never will will be.” The sign is the State of Israel,  speaking directly.

To declare Israel an apartheid state is unbearable but it is the truth.

As-Salamu Alaykum,


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It’s very important to remember the past; no less important is to be cognizant of the present without shutting one’s eyes. The dozens of statesmen who arrived in Israel yesterday may remember the past, but they’re blurring the present. In their silence, in their disregard of reality while lining up unconditionally alongside Israel, they not only betray their roles, they also betray the memory of the past in the name of which they came here.

To be the guests of Israel without mentioning its crimes; to commemorate the Holocaust while ignoring its lessons; to visit Jerusalem without traveling to the Gaza ghetto on International Holocaust Remembrance Day one can barely think of any greater hypocrisy.It’s good that kings, presidents and other notables came here in honor of this remembrance day. It’s deplorable that they’re ignoring what the  victims of the Holocaust  are inflicting on another nation.

The city of Yerevan will never witness such an impressive gathering to commemorate the Armenian holocaust. World leaders will never come to Kigali to mark the genocide that happened in Rwanda. The Holocaust was indeed the greatest crime ever against humanity, but it was not the only one. But Jews and the state of Israel know well how to sanctify its memory as well as using it for their own purposes.

On this  International Holocaust Remembrance Day, world leaders are the guests of an Israeli prime minister who, on the eve of their visit, called for sanctions – believe it or not – on the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which is a legacy of the courts that were set up to judge the crimes of World War II. On this Remembrance Day, world leaders are coming to a prime minister who is trying to incite them against the court in The Hague. It’s hard to think of a more galling use of the Holocaust, it’s hard to conceive of a bigger betrayal of its memory than the attempt to undermine  the court in The Hague only because it wishes to fulfill its role and investigate Jerusalem. The guests will hold their silence on this issue as well. Some of them may be persuaded that the problem is in The Hague, not in Jerusalem. Sanctions on the court instead of on the occupying state.

One must never forget the Holocaust, obviously. One must also not blur the fact that it was directed against the Jewish people. But precisely for this very reason one must not ignore the conduct of its victims toward the secondary victims of the Jews’ Holocaust, the Palestinian people. Without the Holocaust they would not have lost their land, and would not be imprisoned today in a gigantic concentration camp in Gaza or living under a brutal military occupation in the West Bank.

When today they recite ad nauseam “never again,” one should cast one’s eyes honestly to the south and east, only a few kilometers away from the memorial hall at Yad Vashem. There’s no holocaust there, only apartheid. No annihilation, but a systematic brutalization of a nation. Not Auschwitz, but Gaza. How can one ignore this on International Holocaust Remembrance Day?

As-Salaamu Alaykum Lillian

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  • Lillian Rosengarten

I was on a boat to break the siege of Gaza in 2010. Why a Jewish boat is an important question for it could have been  any form of active resistance. It is important to tell you that I am an assimilated Jew with no affiliation to organized religion. I have always been more political than religious, a sixties hippie and active war resister. I don’t believe in wars and am a pacifist. I believe in listening and dialogue with  the enemy as a way to understand one another. In Zionist Israel where violence is endemic, we witness a cycle of hate that has deepened with each generation.

There is a strong distinction between Zionism and Judaism. This cannot be overemphasized and it helped to explain my strong desire to make this distinction by joining a Jewish boat to Gaza. The boat is significant because of my background,  but more important it gave me an opportunity speak out against human rights abuses as a Jew who is not a Zionist. To assume that every Jew supports the Israeli Zionist vision is an unfortunate misconception cleverly manipulated by the Zionist power structure. The Zionist ideal is a Jewish religious state that oppresses the Palestinians. The hallmark of Zionism is harsh nationalism that imposes itself in a completely illegitimate and amoral way to crush the freedom and spirit of the Palestinian people.

Because I am a Jew, I would have been exterminated in Germany. I survived because my father helped my mother and myself to leave for the United States . This was not easy. Our  exodus has been imprinted in my being for my entire life. That is just the way it is. I want to say again, I am a Jew and not a Zionist. Therefore the actions of the Zionist Israeli government is NOT IN MY NAME . Let the  people of the world  and all religions join together to demand full equality for Palestinians and  Israeli citizens  and let Zionism end its reign of terror.

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