It is not beyond my comprehension to understand the policies of the Israeli government in light of Jewish history under the Nazis. We know Jews have suffered and have been victims. Is it that mentality behind the walls, the indescribable destruction, loss of land, houses, death, the decrepit prisons of torture? Are Jews really still victims of paranoia and fear?

Nationalism revisited is now twisted into a parody of the Nazi credo, "Deutschland uber alles" extolling Germany over all others, with only pure Germans as inhabitants. How is it possible that Israeli Jews whose ancestors have been victims of the worst nightmares of the Final Solution can turn away in blind denial? "Get rid of the undesirables who are beneath contempt." It is all so familiar yet cruelly deranged how a once hunted people have become hunters and haters. In my view, this hatred has been projected onto the "other," a Palestinian.

Many older generations of Jews (certainly not all), their psychology and work left undone, still carry with them scars of the Nazi Holocaust that has remained imprinted and lives in forms of guilt, victimhood and fear of another Holocaust brought on by the enormous anti-Semitism of today. They must protect Israel for they hear, "without Israel there would be no safe Jews." These fears are exported within the context of Zionist racist ideology. The cycle of abuse plays out endlessly and this is how I understand Palestinians to be the last victims of the Holocaust.

It is a painful to attempt to understand what drove the Zionist movement on it's determined path to have a Jewish nation state acquired through brute force and violent occupation. I look through a window whose shades have been drawn under the guise of the only democracy in the middle east. The shades can no longer hide the window of despair unless one refuses to see the truth. True Zionist nationalism and apartheid is both violent and racist. It lives to destroy. If you have not been there, including the misery of Gaza, it can be difficult to understand as truth becomes distorted and lies translate to what one wishes to see. The hatred of Palestinians has been so manipulated throughout Israel, Europe and the US. I as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany cannot help but see an echo of early Nazi Jew hatred. I fervently believe these systems destroys the fabric of what it means to be an evolved human being.

Desmond Tutu, the South African anti-apartheid and human rights activist said of Zionist Israel, "this is apartheid, like ours, only worse." It is only when Israel/Palestine become a unified country living with dignity and equal rights that there can be change. Now there is one state Israel, an apartheid state. To declare Israel an apartheid state is unbearable but it is the truth. We need to mobilize international pressure along with churches for a binational Democratic state in Israel. I believe it is only the outside world that can force change.

Yes, it is time to step back and reflect, to let go of moral superiority and to remember that we are all connected. We must remember who we are. Zionism was once created to be a safe haven for Jews within a model of a secular nation state. What is that? Nation state for me has resulted in mass evictions of other nationalities and ethnic cleansing. Do Jews who have been victimized have the moral right to occupy and disenfranchise another people?

Nothing about the characterization of Palestinian life is based on reality. It is a myth, a means to end the Palestinian “problem.” It is a fearful and extremely dangerous road. What needs clarification over and over again is that blinded supporters of Zionist Israel are by the very nature of their support complicit with Zionist Israel’s war crimes. To pretend Israel is a peace loving democracy is to be cajoled into a deception that Israel is something it is not. Claiming that what has been done to Palestinians by the Zionist is done in the name of Jews is false. What is being done to Palestinians by the Israeli Zionists will never be in my name as a Jew or as a human being.

Zionism in its attempt to hide behind the shade of normalcy is the Nakba, a catastrophe for Palestinians who once lived a rich life on land they called their own. It is also the despair of human rights activists vilified as anti-Semites, labeled delegitimizers, terrorists and dangerous in order to hide the truth of their crimes. It is the despair of Jews afraid to see the truth of Zionism that is so consumed with racial hate. The nightmare is leaking thru the false pretend Democracy. Zionism can no longer hide their agenda of a Jewish only state with echos of “juden rien” from another time. I understand this as an aberration, a missing piece of humanity that has led decendants of the final solution to engage in the actions as victimizers and killers while filled with righteous hate. It all sounds too familiar. I remember and then I know despair for the Palestinian story is also my story.

As-Salaamu Alaykum


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What is the US reaction to a Steel 40 mile electric high fence fitted with sensors that now encircles Gaza? Where does one read about this in the local papers? Why is there no news as we continue to defend a state that pretends Democracy? What is reported on CNBC or CNN as daily tedious Trump dirt continues night after night for those who are addicted to the so called news reports? As I flip thru The Sunday Review in search of news about Israel, there is nothing, not one word. Perhaps I missed it somewhere while the American public, that does not question, is kept in the dark.

This fence construction cost 1.1 billion dollars and took 3 years to complete. Defense minister Benny Ganz said the barrier was “ creative “ as if a work of art. Israel has repeatedly hit Gaza with overwhelming fire power that continually maims and kills civilians. The destruction has been devastating to Gaza’s buildings, roads, electrical and water systems. Nearly 250,000 homes have been damaged and destroyed. Palestinians have no state or regular army and do not have much to defend themselves. Israel has the most powerful, modernized armies, and a nuclear arsenal. For me as a refugee from Nazi Germany, I find this close to unbearable. I see a concentration camp hell with too many similarities to Germany’s insane hatred of Jews and non Aryans. Looking for white purity is repeating itself in countries that have forgotten what it means to be human. How long is the US willing to support this insanity and dismiss the Palestinian catastrophe? Why is it that people will not look at the truth?

And then there are the Palestinian children. Strange that the Biden administration has levied new sanctions to China, Bangladesh, Burma, Iran and North Korea. On International Human Rights Day, the treasury department announced sanctions to protest Burma’s treatment of Rohingya Muslims and China’s treatment of Urghur’s Muslims. Biden calls this a genocide. All well and good but the US needs to look at its own hypocrisy. I am perplexed.

Israel’s forces and squatters kill children with live fire in the occupied West Bank. Many are shot and killed in the context of demonstrations and confrontations with Israeli soldiers. Many are maimed, many die. Israel’s warplanes and weaponized drones bombard densely populated Palestinian children sleeping in their beds, playing on the street or in their schools. On Nov 5, a 15 year old Palestinian boy was shot with live ammunition by Israeli soldiers stationed about 50 meters away during demonstrations in Deir Al- Hatab, near the illegal Israeli settlement Elon Moreh. This year, Israeli forces killed 16 children in the West Bank including East Jerusalem.Many young children are dragged to prisons.

Israeli squatters are responsible for 480 deaths , injuries and significant property damage this year on Palestinians, the highest incidence of squatter violence ever recorded by theUnited Nations. This continues daily.

I strongly feel that Israeli crimes have little to do with being Jewish or anti-Semitism.These crimes are man’s inhumanity to man. Much of today’s focus on anti-Semitism has been skillfully created by the Israeli-Zionist command to deflect from the destruction of merciless apartheid. This has been accomplished in an extremely forceful and clever way to hide and shield people from a political, economic and military consequences of the lie. Thus dissent is kept repressed for Truth is the greatest enemy of the state.

I ache for what Palestinians have endured just as I ache for what Jews and non aryans have endured under Hitler. Israelis have lost their hearts and minds. How they are connected to the horrors of Nazi Germany will hopefully be fleshed out in the future.

As-Salaamu Alaykum


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  • Lillian Rosengarten



Of course I know about Christian Zionism but I did not know nor did I pay adequate attention to the deadly extent of their ultimate goal. This is serious business. The belief is how the chaos in the middle East surrounding and including Israel is an important part of God’s plan that will end in a great and final war. It will be an apocalypse culminating in the second coming of Christ. It is a truly violent form of heresy covered up to have gained the support of the Israel lobby as well as the US. The problem is this: For any Jews to enter the kingdom

of God , they must convert to Christianity. Sounds so insane!

The Israeli lobby tends to believe that the Christian support, which is massive in the US, is out of affection, respect and love. Delusional! Ron Dermer who was Netanyahu’s US envoy said that the Evangelical Christian movement in the US is much larger than the Zionists of the American community which is true and is Israel’s MOST IMPORTANT ally They have their roots in the republican party and helped cement the support of Israel as a main tenet of the republican party.

There is huge money and power in the Christian Zionist movement. They infiltrate every movement of American life. I recently read in the Palestine Solidarity Committee news report (based in Seattle) the following:

Fordham students want to advocate for Palestinian liberation on campus, but have been banned from officially doing so—TWICE. This week is Fordham's club week, where new students learn about clubs on campus, but SJP can't participate. Fordham's ban of the SJP chapter ( Jews in solidarity with Palestine)is part of a larger pattern of nationwide attacks on student organizing for Palestine.

And of course these students are called anti-Semites and Fordham agrees. This is happening everywhere including firing of those who claim Palestinian rights. How beautifully this works with the Israeli lobby, money, power and lies which are bought by too many people who refuse to examine the toxicity of these bed fellows.

This form of heresy by Christian Zionism has really shaken me. It is the worst kind of fictitious posturing but one that is carefully orchestrated and works along with plenty of money to control. These evangelicals pretend they are pro Zionist and sadly it works because the racist Zionists believe they are supported. They must believe but do not see. They are unable to see the nightmare of apartheid and hate that has been created by them.

I am convinced that Biden and the rest of the followers of US policy in one way or another support the Christian Zionists because of their own ignorance and greed. Of course there is is not much love for Jews. Surely Biden, Obama, Clinton.Bush etc etc have shown us the acceptance of an abominable and true horror colonial ideology. Why is the Israeli lobby so readily supported, so much money and support and so little work for a Palestinian right to life.

I stand for social justice and Palestine must me free of all forms of Zionism that have led us into a veritable witch hunt.