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  • Lillian Rosengarten

Zionism's Strange Connection to Nazism

Aug 22, 202 I was born in Frankfurt Germany during a time of growing Naziism and now some 80 years later I am attempting to expand upon the deep psychological implications of the Israeli Zionist hatred of Palestinians and the completely strange connection to aspects of Naziism. The Zionist psychological connection is extremely powerful yet so deep in the unconsciousness minds of the abusers that they are unable to reflect on their own violent and manipulative hysteria that is quite clearly apartheid and hatred. Over the past few years, I have been giving talks in Germany, “A German Jew Who Is Not A Zionist” The rooms were filled with Palestinians and leftist Germans, wonderful people who gave me so much support. But there were no Jews I was interviewed in two newspapers. It was exhilarating but very difficult. I was strongly labeled anti-Semitic by the powerful Jewish community and an article was written smearing my name in the Jerusalem Post. Some comments insisted I should have been burned in the Nazi crematoriums.. I could not at the time put together the link between Zionist Israel and the Nazi propaganda machine.The story of myself as a refugee is for another time. It is one of so many stories that have left a deep mark. What is there to understand about the “unique” German Holocaust trauma that demands blanket support of Israel and Zionism? Claims of anti-Semitism has led to a veritable witch-hunt. In Germany, a witch-hunt is raging against critics of Israel and support of BDS. Just take a moment and ask yourself how and why Zionists are transforming Palestine into a land for Jews only by destroying and eliminating Palestinians. Just as Jews were hated and deemed inferior by Nazi Germany, so Palestinians are deemed inferior by Zionism. As artists are banned, publications censored, bank accounts closed, rewards rescinded, more invitations revoked, more museum directors forced to resign, it is impossible not to hear the echoes of another Germany in another time. By insisting on this wicked conflation of human rights and anti-Semitism, Germany tries to appear to be atoning for its Nazi past and the horrors inflicted on European Jews. In reality it has not learned anything from that grizzly past and is supporting the preservation of those policieThe anti-BDS laws are not fixating on anti-Semitism. They are protecting the Zionist agenda and racist policies of Israel from criticism. The only way the Zionist agenda and racist politics can be protected, is by using anti-Semitism as a weapon in line with the Zionist defense. It is a clear “nuclear option” of “anti-Semitism” smear because those using that weapon have no clear counter-arguments to justify the racist agenda and policies so their response is to stifle all criticism of the racist entity. Will enough people in Germany wake up to this censorship? Even if they do, the majority won’t dare utter a word because the collective feelings of guilt is still so pervasive in German society. In broad terms, perhaps there is a core to understanding the hideous mechanics of zionism and the attempts to bring about a total Jewish state through this grotesque connection to the horrors of Naziism. As-Salaamu Alaykum


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