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  • Lillian Rosengarten


In these troubled times we are dangerously close to more destruction.

As we witness Israel's endless, disturbing and hard held belief that security brings peace, it seems that nothing is farther from the truth for it is only peace and tolerance that brings security.

Stand with me to rage against the crimes committed for so many decades against Palestinians who continue the struggle for their homeland and dignity. Not in my name shall the obscenities and continuous debasement of human rights be allowed to exist.


I ask how can the Jewish state find freedom as an occupier?

An occupation has eaten Israel, mosques burn and a faux museum sits on desecrated tombs.

They call it Museum of Tolerance, I call it museum of ethnic cleansing, killer of the hated once again.

False prophets, destroyer of olive and citrus plants, killers of beauty where poetry has lost its soul.

Lies surround the "Democratic"state, perversion, fishermen attacked by Israeli killer boats.

Apartheid! Words we must speak yet condemned by true believers.

The Zionist story makes me shutter.

Have heard the racist words before when Hitler raged the Nazi storm.

A Hebron sign delights "there is no Palestine and never will be."

Israel you have risen from the ashes of the Holocaust

To become your own enemy.

Israel you should have learned so well

Man's inhumanity to man is hell.

Palestine we are your brothers and sisters, I am the Jew who weeps despair.


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