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Likud lawmaker Hanoch Milwidsky addressed the Knesset recently. “ When you fight terrorism you have to use crude means that may infringe on certain rights but it is necessary to defend ourselves against murderous terrorism and I don’t feel any need to justify myself for the fact that in the Jewish state I prefer Jews.” He stated that he prefers Jewish murderers to Arab ones.

Please take a moment and ask yourselves how violently Zionists are attempting to transform Palestine through terrorism and hate into expulsion and death while attempting to become a state for Jews only. Just as Jews were hated and deemed inferior by Nazis, Palestinians are deemed inferior for political Zionists who are brutal as orthodoxy and state become one fascistic country pretending to be a righteous democracy.

I am frightened as a refugee from Nazi Germany and anti Zionist Jew to observe how much support Israel receives from The US and other European countries, in particular Germany. I remain for social justice and know completely that Palestine must be free and that there be ONE Democratic State. It is when Israel can be condemned from outside itself that change can take place.

I wonder what there is to understand about the “unique” German Holocaust trauma that demands blanket support of Israel? Any criticism of Israel has led to claims of anti-Semitism from the Zionist political machine. Not to believe in Israel as a Jewish state only, has raped frightened communities here in the US and elsewhere into silence. In Germany also, there is a witch hunt raging against critics of Israel. It is bizarre to me.

Israel arose from the ashes of the Holocaust to become its own monster. Zionism learned well man’s inhumanity to man so that the cycle of hate continues. Zionism has successfully blurred the reality with manipulation, lies and extraordinary violence. Anti-Semitism is real and deep in the world. When Jews hear something that is vaguely anti-Semitic, the pain is real. Dialogue must continue without fear of the label anti-Semite.

Lillian Rosengarten

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