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Palestinians have been forced into poverty and lack of opportunities because of Israel’s aim to continue ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Although there is no unity, Netanyahu gave a “victory” speech to a half empty hall. He did not utter the word “Arabs”once.

The audience broke into “non-unity” chants. Netanyahu did not mention that one in every four Israelis lives below the poverty line or that Israel’s education system is performing below the OECD average.(organization for economic cooperation and development.) He did not talk about how Giv’at Olga in the north has transformed from an immigrant  absorption center to a neighborhood of high rise apartments which most Israelis cannot afford to buy.

He did not explain why the government has not implemented plans to promote affordable housing , while destroying public housing.

He neither mentioned Palestine or Palestinians nor the serious indictments against him. He did not address the fact that he does not hold a majority of seats. To enact immunity laws and save himself from trial, Netanyahu will need 61 members in the Knesset to form a coalition, not just a relative majority.

The promise made by the Joint List Odeh, is that Netanyahu will be ousted thanks to Arab voters. Let us hope. ( Ayman Odeh is an Israeli Arab lawyer, the leader of the Hadash Party, the Arab Party in then Knesset.)

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