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The Kushner plan for Palestine is a nightmarish monster.  I do not believe that Trump’s son-in-law has any capacity to understand the 70 year destruction of the Palestinian state, rather this nonsense is soul-less and a disaster. The aim, I believe, is the gradual destruction of the Palestinian right to life.

The Trump administration is using Palestinian security aid as a leverage to convince congress to support the recently unveiled  Kushner plan. At this point both Palestinians and Jordanians  choose to stick together to stand up to US bullying efforts. The Arab and international opposition to the US  “peace plan”   is reassuring but it is not certain if this rejection will continue or not if the US (criminal) and Israel decide to implement this one sided deal.

Netanyahu (the other criminal) announced Saturday that Israel has started mapping out an annexation plan in line with Kushner’s proposal which would allow Israel to retain all of the settlements and to control the entire Jordan Valley.

Israel’s elections are due March 2.

There is little help. Germany is always afraid to be seen as anti-Israel because  of it’s Nazi past.  Belgium and the Dominican Republic would not want to denounce the US forcefully. Russia is developing close ties with Israel.

Quite Catastrophic.

As-Salaamu Alaykum Lillian

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