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Of course I know about Christian Zionism but I did not know nor did I pay adequate attention to the deadly extent of their ultimate goal. This is serious business. The belief is how the chaos in the middle East surrounding and including Israel is an important part of God’s plan that will end in a great and final war. It will be an apocalypse culminating in the second coming of Christ. It is a truly violent form of heresy covered up to have gained the support of the Israel lobby as well as the US. The problem is this: For any Jews to enter the kingdom

of God , they must convert to Christianity. Sounds so insane!

The Israeli lobby tends to believe that the Christian support, which is massive in the US, is out of affection, respect and love. Delusional! Ron Dermer who was Netanyahu’s US envoy said that the Evangelical Christian movement in the US is much larger than the Zionists of the American community which is true and is Israel’s MOST IMPORTANT ally They have their roots in the republican party and helped cement the support of Israel as a main tenet of the republican party.

There is huge money and power in the Christian Zionist movement. They infiltrate every movement of American life. I recently read in the Palestine Solidarity Committee news report (based in Seattle) the following:

Fordham students want to advocate for Palestinian liberation on campus, but have been banned from officially doing so—TWICE. This week is Fordham's club week, where new students learn about clubs on campus, but SJP can't participate. Fordham's ban of the SJP chapter ( Jews in solidarity with Palestine)is part of a larger pattern of nationwide attacks on student organizing for Palestine.

And of course these students are called anti-Semites and Fordham agrees. This is happening everywhere including firing of those who claim Palestinian rights. How beautifully this works with the Israeli lobby, money, power and lies which are bought by too many people who refuse to examine the toxicity of these bed fellows.

This form of heresy by Christian Zionism has really shaken me. It is the worst kind of fictitious posturing but one that is carefully orchestrated and works along with plenty of money to control. These evangelicals pretend they are pro Zionist and sadly it works because the racist Zionists believe they are supported. They must believe but do not see. They are unable to see the nightmare of apartheid and hate that has been created by them.

I am convinced that Biden and the rest of the followers of US policy in one way or another support the Christian Zionists because of their own ignorance and greed. Of course there is is not much love for Jews. Surely Biden, Obama, Clinton.Bush etc etc have shown us the acceptance of an abominable and true horror colonial ideology. Why is the Israeli lobby so readily supported, so much money and support and so little work for a Palestinian right to life.

I stand for social justice and Palestine must me free of all forms of Zionism that have led us into a veritable witch hunt.

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