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  • Lillian Rosengarten


In these troubled times, with a president who is mindless, we are dangerously close to more destruction. 

As we witness Israel’s endless, disturbing  and hard held belief that security brings peace, it seems that nothing is farther from the truth for it is only peace and tolerance that brings security.

Stand with me to rage against the crimes  committed for so many decades against Palestinians who continue their  brave struggle for their homeland and dignity. Not in my name shall the obscene prisons and the continuous debasement of human rights be allowed to exist.


I ask, how can the Jewish State find freedom as an occupier?

An occupation has eaten Israel where mosques burn and a faux museum sits on desecrated Muslim tombs.

They call it Museum of Tolerance, I call it museum cleansing, killer of those deemed inferior.

False prophets, destroyer of 800,000 olive and citrus plants.

Collective abuse, fishermen attacked like vermin by Israeli killer boats.

Apartheid! Words we dare not write or speak. Condemned by true believers,

The Zionist story makes one shutter.

I’ve heard the racist words before when Jews were driven from their homes and villified.

Now I hear it all again from a rabbi contender for the Jewish heroes competition.

Asked how Jews should treat their neighbors he said:

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way. Destroy the holy sites, kill men, women , children and cattle.”

I remember another time, “No Jews Allowed.” Germany nearly succeeded.

Arabs not allowed, a Zionist story.

No Palestinians to live with dignity for “We” are the chosen people.

It is written in the Old Testament.

As-Salaamu Alaykum Lillian

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In these troubled times we are dangerously close to more destruction. As we witness Israel's endless, disturbing and hard held belief that security brings peace, it seems that nothing is farther from

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