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  • Lillian Rosengarten

nightmare of zionism:A German Jewish Refugee Speaks of the Rape Of Palestine

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

A series of my essays and articles depict all too clearly my support for a free Palestine. I believe in the Palestinian right to live a peaceful, safe and productive life. I reject all forms of racism and hate, as I condemn the brutality and cruelty of Zionist colonization and an eighty year agenda to refuse the

right of Palestinians to live in peace. I sincerely hope that Israeli Jews can learn to live peacefully without racism and hate.

Systematic lies and propaganda has colored the Zionist agenda to keep alive the myth of Zionism as a Democracy. The myth of victim in danger of extinction by Palestinians, has colored the thinking of many older generations Jews who maintain an allegiance to Zionism. They see themselves as vulnerable victims awaiting a second Holocaust. The dream of a Jewish state embraces the myth of a safe haven for Jewish survival. Truth differs, for Jews are no longer victims despite clinging to the false perception that must be re-examined and brought out of the darkness . This myth is preyed upon through clever Zionist propaganda.

In my view a Jewish State is not a viable goal following the rape of Palestinian land in combination with an extreme form of racist Nationalism, a nightmare of brutal control, colonization , military violence and dehumanizing destruction. It is the nightmare of the Nakba, the Palestinian Holocaust albeit in a different form, reinvented and distorted by Zionist Nationalism, that we must recognize as an anguished cry for freedom. One does not often hear it mentioned in main stream news. The interpretation of Zionists as victims reveal the bizarre and brutal control of Palestinian life and land. To look at Zionism with open eyes of truth,, one observes a form of virulent Nationalism perpetrated on Palestinians who represent for Zionists an inferior race, unwanted and demonized in the dream of a Jewish State for Jews only. We cannot leave out another preposterous lie so destructive to the question of what and who is a Jew.

Zionist criticizers, those who work for Palestinian freedom are called anti-Semite and it is truly bizarre as this emboldens not only neo-Nazis, fundamentalist Christians and haters of Jews but Jews themselves. In Germany, where I was born, I am known as an anti-Semite by Zionist Jews who are beholden to Zionism and live in Germany. This cruel distortion of anti-Semitism has created a powerful increase in true anti-Semitism for it plays all too easily into the hands of racists and haters.

I dedicate my heart to all Palestinians, proud people who have struggled, lost their land, their hopes and dreams for a just life. I a German Jew without flinching and from the deepest part of me, condemns the crimes of Zionism. Lillian To read more of my blog:

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