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  • Lillian Rosengarten


My Friends,

I am so impressed with Bernie Sanders. “to be for the Israel people and to be for peace in the Middle East does not mean that we have to  support right wing racist governments that currently exist in Israel.”

Bernie gets my vote!

Sen Bernie Sanders told a CNN Town Hall in Las Vegas on Tuesday that if elected  president his foreign policy would  prioritize justice and peace in the  Middle East and not reflexively back Israel against the Palestinians.

“ What American foreign policy has got to be about in the Middle East is bringing the Israelis and bringing the Palestinians together under the banner of Justice ,” said Sanders.  “We could do it, we have the wealth to do it. It cannot just simply be that we’re pro Israel and we ignore the needs of the Palestinian people.

The senator also said his administration would call on Saudi Arabia and Iran to set  aside their differences and find common ground.

Let us hope!

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