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Israel is an apartheid state. This is well known except by those who cannot face the truth.  Zionism is a monstrosity that seeks a Jewish Nation State only for Jews.


I am ashamed , I am mortified. Why doesn’t the world stand up to this slaughter? Israel is committing the worst crimes against humanity and I am sick. Many of us are sick. You see the demonstrations and the resistance coming from many venues, yet the US remains complicit, refuses to see, to acknowledge the crimes against humanity. I feel as if I am witness to Marat Sade, as we watch the lunatics play out their diabolical missions. Enough, I say. 

I am mortified, your blood has turned to ice. Israel, not my Israel, country of lies and deception. Give me the strength to resist to cry out NO! You who have dehumanized the “other” as you were once dehumanized. You who know the final solution.

Have you learned nothing? Has your history inflicted madness on you? Have you lost your reason? Don’t you know you are killing yourselves, you demonize the hated self that was so demonized onto you three generations ago.

You perpetuate hate and do not know what you are doing. For God’s sake end this monstrous behavior before it’s too late.”

On November 12th in Gaza, the Israeli government broke a ceasefire by assassinating  a senior Islamic Jihad commander, Ba has Abu alt Ata and his wife Asma Mohammed as they slept. Layan Abu al-ata lost both her parents on her 11th birthday and 3 brothers were injured.

How does western media bias allow Israel to get away with murder, not because of  provocation in  this impoverished, tragic, open air prison?

Israeli troops systematically gun down Palestinians and bomb with chemicals. Horrific slaughter.

There is no humanity as the brutality continues. Liberal Zionism is truly an oxymoron!



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