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  • Lillian Rosengarten


The 80 year old rabbi attacked by the settlers a few short weeks ago is horrific. I cannot help but equate the Zionists and settlers as intertwined with Nazi ideology as seen through their racism and hate.

Jew against Jew is present in the German political climate. People like myself and other political activists, many former German Jews whose families died in the camps are now called anti-Semites for their political beliefs. Insanity is what comes to mind.

Jews living in Germany are  closely aligned to the Israeli “nation state.” a country that lacks reason and empathy. I believe nationalism in any form is dangerous. It means exceptionalism, and attitudes of moral superiority, a hotbed for racism that is heightened by propaganda. What is real here?  Zionism has taken the German hatred of Jews in the 1930’s and transformed it to a hatred of Palestinians. It is virulent . It has also served a purpose to destroy Palestinian land and culture as it embraces the lies of Germans towards  Jews who stood in the way of so-called racial purity. It is for me an obsession with racial purity, that has  a frightening connection with Naziism. So many decades later, the Zionist desire for an ethnic Jewish state only reeks of perversion and sickness.

I have evidence to exemplify a cruel component of Jew against Jew. As my readers know, I along with 6 other elderly Jews set out to sail to Gaza. We were human rights activists who believe in justice. It was clear to us that without justice there could be no peace.Our mission was to show we were Jews who did not support the Zionist agenda. but embraced Palestinians who had no freedom. We wanted their freedom. Instead, we were taken over by the  Israeli navy in international waters. From the moment our beloved Jonathan Shapiro , now a combatant for peace, was tasered around his heart, from the moment we were towed to Ashdot by the navy who wore high boots and held rifles that could kill, I wondered how Jews could do this to Jews.We were not criminals but dissenters who spoke out against Israel-Zionist apartheid and their dehumanizing policies. Instead we were considered terrorists and enemies of the state. It remains an ongoing  nightmarish horror.

Why is it anti-Semitic to shout against such abuses? If there were in Israel a separation of church and state, the boundaries that are now so blurred might be less likely to justify silencing dissenters on charges of anti-Semitism. Dissent against Israel is not anti-Semitic for it is not a statement against Jews. It is a statement against a nationalist Zionist movement that is guilty of gross human rights abuses. Incongruous as it sounds, it is the actions of the Zionist government against its Palestinian neighbors that has shaped a world response. How can this not create anti Jewish sentiments.

What blindness prevails that propels Zionist Israel to detach itself from the humanity of Palestinians as people just like them? This is why it is so important to make a distinction between Jews and the gross nationalism of the government of Israel. One must be awake to the painful intermarriage of religion and politics that has deepened the Israeli crisis and created a distortion of who is a Jew. How can there be a democracy while Israel continues to hold Palestinians hostage in order to fulfill the fantasy of a Jewish State, a dream that explodes into a nightmare on the backs of the cruel occupation and the murder of Palestinians.

Salam, Lillian

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