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Over 1500 Palestinians from neighborhoods in Jerusalem are facing imminent forced home demolitions and displacement by Israeli authorities The US government and Christian Zionists are in support.

At the request of Ateret Cohanim a settler organization funded largely by tax free donations from the US, Israel is dispossessing four large Palestinian families of their home and land in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood on May 2. This is part to the Israel- US backed colonial expansion starting with the Nakba in 1948.

Silwan, south of the Old City’s walls has long been a target of ultra nationalist religious settlers. Over 30,000 Palestinians live in Silwan in substandard homes with poor infrastructure. About 500 Jewish settlers live in scattered settlements across Silwan. The plan entails the demolition of nearly 90 Palestinian homes to make way for a national park and a new development for settlers.

I am sick as I write this. One can see insanity that has allowed a country whose history is entangled with the horror of Nazi insanity, a pure white ideology, link with the Zionist dream of a pure Jewish state. The rest of the people became non people as we observe in both Nazi Germany and apartheid Israel.This is a diabolical nightmare. Is there no shame as the US in large part continues its silence? And may I say Germany, the country of my birth continues to align itself with Israel’s deception. Yes, I am ashamed as an American Jew and refugee from Nazi Germany and I cannot stand by to watch the carnage of Gaza, the rubble of destroyed homes and the maddening dispersement of those who are not seen as families trying to survive in a diabolical and thoroughly corrupt country. What can justify the brutal rampage of terror and murder where neighborhoods cease to exist as the Palestinian population is shoved underground as if they did not Live and feel like Us. In a rational world. where people respond with humanity and empathy, we are all the same, human beings.

There is another “delegitimization” created also by the Zionist propaganda machine which uses the word anti-Semite to label all who speaks against Israel’s apartheid program. This has created an enormous barrier against dissent. Anti-Semitism associates immediately with inflammatory hatred and destruction. This feeds directly into Jews seeing themselves as victims who delegitimize Israel. To delegitimize Israel serves to avoid real discussion and this has been a powerful tool for Zionism. In the words of Tony Judt the "delegitimization “ issue is a fraud. It is just another way to involve anti-Semitism as a silencer. I will close by saying that Fear mongering to Jews is in itself a form of terrorism.

As-Salaamu Alaykum


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