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  • Lillian Rosengarten


Updated: Nov 12, 2022

How can it be that those who know about the terror of the Nazi Holocaust, support the apartheid inhumanity of Zionism? How can one know about the horror, the complete insanity and brutalization to make a master white aryan race while at the same time supporting the fantasy of Israel as a Jewish Nation state? The Jewish State of Zionist -Israel cannot be my Israel. It can exist no longer as it attempts to hide the paranoid insanity, the lies and deception to appeal to Jews while reviling and discarding, while killing and destroying for over 90 years with brutality and complete inhumanity the Palestinians that Zionists have tried to erase. How can the criminal Netanyahu still exist as a decider for the Zionist horrors?

The Israeli war crimes are kept hidden in large part by our government, our press, our presidents, the facts distorted. The truth is so clear, so maniacal, one must simply be open and then cringe with horror. I wonder how it is possible that people live in an open air prison that is rotting with lack of energy, clean water, functioning hospitals, schools and housing. Gaza has become like the ghetto of Warsaw. No it is not the same, but man's inhumanity exists in both places. The Zionist goal is the Judaization of Israel and to deny the existence of the Palestinian people. Intellectual honesty of course is holding Zionism responsible.

For any state to be a true democracy, equality for all human beings living together in a civil society is the minimum requirement. But Israeli civil rights violations is common is the Jewish State. There is no civil marriage, no civil burial in public cemeteries, no public transportation on Saturdays and the trampling of land ownership right of Arab citizens. The character of Israel's supra-identity as outlined in Zionism from the start, makes it doubtful that a Jewish state can also be democratic. * The Jewish nationalism explicitly separates the majority from the minority. and asserts that the state belongs only to the majority. As we know, it excludes the minority from active and free participation in a democracy and prevents all others, non Jews from identifying politically. Israel openly favors the biological descendants of the ancient kingdom of Judea.

If the word Jewish were replaced by the word Israeli and if the state became open and accessible to all citizens, it might be possible to take a softer line and begin to treat Israel as political and heading towards an eventual democracy.* This freedom, however has been permanently prohibited in Israel The strong delineation between Jew and not Jew, the ethnocentric foundation constitutes a strong barrier to any kind of democracy.

Zionism is a mistake, a catastrophe, a racist ideology. We must say NO to the apartheid state . Clearly we must move from post Holocaust trauma to post Nakba trauma. We must continue our support of Jews in an Israeli State and NOT support Zionism in an apartheid state. I do believe that Jews must do their own work, to work thru their guilt, sense of victimhood and their fear and paranoia. This work has not been done and the impossible cruelty of Zionism continues to erode what it means to be Jewish.

* Thank you to Shlomo Sand "The Invention of the Jewish People".

As-Salaamu Alaykum


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