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  • Lillian Rosengarten


Why do Americans support Israel and demonize Palestinian support?  Why does Knesset stifle freedom of expression and will punish those who contradict  the character of the Israeli state as Jewish and Democratic? Why can’t schools acknowledge the history of Jews and Arabs?  It targets freedom of expression, a basic tenet for a democracy. 

How can a US President facing impeachment and an Israeli Prime Minister indicted for corruption announce a plan to solve the conflict with the Palestinians, without any Palestinian present?

A dark day for the house of hate. Yes, we must continue to refuse to be  enemies. We refuse to be victims!

How is it that secular Zionism changed into religious Zionism after 1967?

I condemn the occupation of Palestinians and oppression. I stand with suffering. We must break the barriers against peace and silence.  I speak as a Jew, in horror of the crimes my people have perpetuated against the Palestinians. As a Jew today, I claim the right to speak out, to speak the hard truth.  Zionism was started by communists and atheists as a liberation movement. . Now it is an ethnic, racist, nationalist movement. A problem is this racist ideology has been confused to rid the world of anti-Semitism. When people  started to question zionism, some said, “this is the dark side of Jewish consciousness."

Jewish Identity is about being threatened within annihilation and survival. This is a sickness, not to recover  and hold onto  victimhood. This explains the wall of defense.

Beware of being cowered by being told to not dissent or being called an anti-Semite.

A sign in Hebron says, “ there is no Palestine and there never will will be.” The sign is the State of Israel,  speaking directly.

To declare Israel an apartheid state is unbearable but it is the truth.

As-Salamu Alaykum,


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