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  • Lillian Rosengarten
“How To  Fight  Anti Semitism " is an opinion article Bari Weiss wrote for the NYTimes on September 8, 2019. I read through it many times and have come to understand that Ms Weiss understands Jewish History as a young woman who is a zionist and I am a non Zionist and a refugee from Nazi Germany. What exactly is  anti-Semitism?  Here we have a major disagreement of great importance. As my readers know, I do not believe there can be  a “liberal Zionist”. Zionism and Judaism are contrary to each other. Judaism is universal and humane and Zionism is exactly the opposite. It is a very narrow, very nationalistic, racist, colonialist. There is no “National Judaism”. There is Zionism and there is Judaism and they are completely different.  Zionism  can never be seen as “highly ethical” It is an apartheid , oppressive, stealing, killing  and destroying.  Sadly, Zionism and Judaism are seen as one entity and anti-Semitism  is released to counteract the crimes of Zionism. Zionism has attempted to smear as anti-Semitic all  critique of the injustice of the Israeli State.  Zionism also wishes to treat  Jews and Zionists as a universal. It is the dominant group in Israel that dehumanizes those who are not Zionists. Arabs, Muslims, activists, non Zionist Jews and other criticizers  of  Israel  become the ones who are anti-Semitic and must be destroyed. This question must be addressed. Is it legitimate to criticize the apartheid crimes of Israel and not be labeled as anti-Semitic?  Zionist propaganda machines are so strong that it takes much study and knowledge to travel to occupied Palestinian territories and of course to Gaza , which is more and more difficult. Zionism has nothing to do with humanity and empathy but only with the creation of a Zionist state,  Israel. What  is future of Judaism? How as Weiss  writes   is it possible to build “without shame , a Judaism and a Jewish people and a Jewish state that is not only resilient but also generative, humane, joyful and life affirming?” I truly believe that the realities of Zionism has destroyed the “only democracy in the middle east.” I ask Bari Weiss to re-examine the nature of Zionism and how it relates to the rise of hate against the Zionist agenda.
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Israel is an apartheid state. This is well known except by those who cannot face the truth.  Zionism is a monstrosity that seeks a Jewish Nation State only for Jews.


I am ashamed , I am mortified. Why doesn’t the world stand up to this slaughter? Israel is committing the worst crimes against humanity and I am sick. Many of us are sick. You see the demonstrations and the resistance coming from many venues, yet the US remains complicit, refuses to see, to acknowledge the crimes against humanity. I feel as if I am witness to Marat Sade, as we watch the lunatics play out their diabolical missions. Enough, I say. 

I am mortified, your blood has turned to ice. Israel, not my Israel, country of lies and deception. Give me the strength to resist to cry out NO! You who have dehumanized the “other” as you were once dehumanized. You who know the final solution.

Have you learned nothing? Has your history inflicted madness on you? Have you lost your reason? Don’t you know you are killing yourselves, you demonize the hated self that was so demonized onto you three generations ago.

You perpetuate hate and do not know what you are doing. For God’s sake end this monstrous behavior before it’s too late.”

On November 12th in Gaza, the Israeli government broke a ceasefire by assassinating  a senior Islamic Jihad commander, Ba has Abu alt Ata and his wife Asma Mohammed as they slept. Layan Abu al-ata lost both her parents on her 11th birthday and 3 brothers were injured.

How does western media bias allow Israel to get away with murder, not because of  provocation in  this impoverished, tragic, open air prison?

Israeli troops systematically gun down Palestinians and bomb with chemicals. Horrific slaughter.

There is no humanity as the brutality continues. Liberal Zionism is truly an oxymoron!



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  • Lillian Rosengarten

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

There is a political element to the blackout of my book by the mainstream press. I am a strong anti-Zionist. My message is one that is not easily  picked up.

Zionism as I understand it is to make a Jewish State only in “ Israel.” The answer instead must be to stop the occupation and for the United States  not to suppport the apartheid regime. I was voiceless for  many years. Then, I went to Israel and saw the occupation for myself. Shocked, I threw myself into a role of witness. Despair of a Jew

Israel! Once a beloved dream is not a Jewish country Not a nation state but occupier. Racist Israel, what former incarnation of Zionism Twists into your nationalist dream? Have you gone mad fed by your violent history? Victim! Paranoid nightmare for Jews only. Have you forgotten the final solution? Palestinians, Semite brothers suffer your destruction. Victims uprooted, remain locked in ghettos of despair. Supporters! You! Eat the myth and drink the victim’s blood. Naked victims, besieged by a collective stench Oozing boils that smell of rot. Untangle the crazed twisted shroud of deception! Who amongst you walks in the land of false morality? Joy, poetry and love gone. Orange trees tainted With Palestinian blood spilled by criminal nightmares. I am that Jew who weeps despair.



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